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Author(s): Dr Stephan Voigt, Consultant Radiologist This article is an attempt to give the reader guidance how to read a chest Xray and below are two methods.Chest Xray Interpretation though looks simpler, often overlooked by us.

Erect chest X-ray (CXR) It is usually straightforward to obtain a plain chest X-ray.

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This allows any free intra-abdominal gas to rise up, forming a crescent beneath.

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AP chest X-ray in detecting occult pneumothorax is 92% and 50% respectively.The supine view is of lesser quality than both the AP erect and the PA view for many reasons, yet sometimes it is the only imaging available to that patient.

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The position of the scapulae can serve as a clue that a film was acquired anteroposteriorly.

DIGITAL X-RAY ARTICLES Proper positioning for the pelvis and proximal femur The lowdown on lumbar spine positioning Radiographic positioning techniques for the cervical spine Boning up on humerus, clavicle, and AC joint positioning Getting the most from shoulder positioning The bends and flexures of forearm and elbow x-ray positioning The twists and turns of hand and wrist x-ray positioning.It can provide information regarding pneumoperitoneum and air fluid levels in cases of suspected acute abdominal trauma.Various arguments have been advanced for preferring either the AP recumbent projection or the PA upright projection in chest roentgenography of infants and young children.

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Radiograph shows air in the biliary tree, a string-of-beads sign (arrows), and a faint opacity in the right lower pelvis suggestive of a gallstone (not depicted well).This study was also aimed to find magnitude of change when going from sitting to supine position in order to help in interpreting the results of spirometry done in patients who are unable to sit upright and have to perform the test in supine positions.

Virtually every abdominal X-ray is an AP film, i.e. the beam passes from front to back with the cassette behind the patient, who is lying down with the X-ray machine overhead, but these are occasionally accompanied by erect or even decubitus views (also APs).The dorsal decubitus (right or left) position is a good alternative to obtaining a lateral decubitus or erect abdominal x-ray image when a patient cannot stand or lie on their side.But the basics of Chest Xray here will guide you through various aspects, including Counting ribs, PA vs AP view, Inspiratory vs Expiratory Xray, Erect vs Supine, Lucency and Opacity and some common terms like Consolidation and Pleural Effusion.

A lumbosacral spine X-ray, or lumbar spine X-ray, is an imaging test that helps your doctor view the anatomy of your lower back.

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The PA projection allows accurate evaluation of the cardiothoracic ratio, comparison between PA examinations, removal of the scapula shadows from the lung fields, and is performed in the erect position on full inspiration at a distance of approximately 6 feet from the x-ray tube (2).

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The supine radiographic findings were correlated with findings on subsequent standing erect posteroanterior and lateral radiographs.

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The red horizontal lines indicate the 99% confidence interval of the study group, which was calculated from the supine double examination. -0.15-0.1-0.05 0 0.05 0.1 0.15 300 310 320 330 340 350 360 each point represents an individual patient change in femoral head position.This work-up included upright full-spine radiographs, supine bending radiographs, supine MRI, and prone CT as is the routine in one of our institutions.Reading a chest x-ray, though looks simpler, often overlooked by us.

If, in addition, a lateral view of the chest is included with the chest x-ray, you would code 74020 and 71020 (radiologic examination.Failure to appreciate this will lead to a misdiagnosis of pulmonary congestion.

This is a PA film on the left compared with a AP supine film on the right.

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