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A royal decree says Saudi women can finally drive, but many of the other restrictions on their lives remain in force.

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The three women had also called for an end to other less visible forms of discrimination in Saudi Arabia, such as guardianship laws that give male relatives final say on whether a woman can travel abroad, obtain a passport or marry.The CIA Factbook estimated that as of 2013 foreign nationals living in Saudi Arabia made up about 21% of the population.

Read five facts about religion in Saudi Arabia — a country that is the birthplace of Islam and, as such, holds special importance for Muslims worldwide.

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RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — Saudi women steered their way through busy city streets on Sunday, driving to work, running errands and relishing a new era in which they are allowed to drive and no longer need to rely on men to move around.

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Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy, with a Basic Law, but no political parties, unions, or other types of political association.

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Saudi Arabia is a popular destination to teach English in, primarily because of the excellent salaries and benefits offered for teaching there.Saudi Arabia is very good place in terms of enjoyment party and the good place for couples.

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It was the only country left in the world where women could not drive and families.We do not have any exclusive outlets or medical stores in Saudi Arabia.

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Saudi women file petition to end male guardianship system

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After two years of blogging about the kingdom, the question of being gay in Saudi Arabia arose many times from readers and teachers looking to work there.

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Below you can browse through all our jobs and filter on the left.Women in Saudi Arabia face a host of constraints, including being legally controlled their entire lives by a male guardian.Our modern, stressful lifestyles sap our strength and deplete libido.

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It does not matter whether you live or stay, this excellent male enhancement oil is available all around in Saudi Arabia.The change is a result of limited gender reforms introduced by the late King Abdullah Abdulaziz.In Saudi Arabia, fleeing even an abusive home is a crime for women.

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded in 1932 and occupies about four-fifths of the Arabian Peninsula.