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How Does A Pulse Pump Work: Whether a single rectangular Mikuni Fuel Pump or the round dual outlet Mikuni type the system works much the same.If this fuel pump is being installed on a Intek V-Twin engine originally equipped with a metal fuel pump, related item 1567967.Therefore, we must either mix a little oil with the fuel (2 to 4 percent) or inject it very sparingly into the bearings with a tiny metering pump.

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The inputs required to operate a pulse-width modulated fuel pump system are generally produced by the engine control module (ECM), the FPCM, and a fuel system pressure sensor.New refers to a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, while Used refers to an item that has been used previously.

Detailed Product Specs: This is an OEM Walbro vacuum pulse fuel pump assembly that is part number FPC-1.On the old engine (8hp), the vacuum that goes to the fuel pump is hooked up to the valve cover.When you have to replace a fuel pump, or if you are looking to upgrade.

Best Answer: 2 stroke outboards have a diagphram operated fuel pump, most 2 stroke engines do not have a camshaft, with the exception being many 2 stroke diesel engines in ships or the old GM diesels.The fuel pump supplies fuel to the carburetor while the engine is running.

Also called kinetic pumps, these types of pumps create momentum, through a piston or propeller-like device pushing the gas around the inner parts of the pump, continuously flowing from the inlet to the outlet of the pump.This, in turn, required a change to returnless fuel injection systems on many vehicles.They run a fule line off the bottom of the fuel tank through a fuel filter to the pump, and then the fuel line goes to the carb on the engine.The air motor diaphragm kit is part number 435921 and the fuel pump repair kit is 436095.On two-line fuel delivery systems fuel pressure is controlled by an external, vacuum-modulated fuel pressure regulator.This low pressure opens the inlet check valve in the pump, drawing fuel from the line into the pump.Fuel from the tank is piped to the inlet side of the pump, the pump has a diaphragm that is activated by vacuum or mechanical linkage, on vacuum pumps the it is either getting vacuum from the valve cover or on the oil dip stick, this forces the fuel to the carburetor.

If fuel will not flow, than check the fuel filter to see if it is.I was really wondering if the fourstroke has enough pulse in the intake to make the pump work properly.In addition, Mikuni offers different styles, sizes, flow rates, and other options to suit your specific applications.As the engines piston goes up and down, it creates pressure and then vacuum inside the whole engine.YAs the diaphragm moves up it expands the area in the pump chamber.

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I have installed the pulse timing fuel pump and vacuum or pulse is from the valve cover (existing hole already).

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fuel pump has oil leaking from a vent hole on the fuel

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This information should help to explain why a vacuum pulse fuel pump for a 2-cycle engine will only work marginally or not at all when installed on a 4-cycle engine.