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Money Back Guarantee ensures YOU receive the item you ordered or get your money back.I am looking to know from personal experience, not what you can find on the Net.

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Digital A frame of 35mm film, scanned cheaply at a good photo lab to a CD, is about equal to the resolution of a 25MP DSLR.Ok, so most people equate resolution to the number of Megapixels, especially when comparing digital camera qualities, but this is not entirely accurate.

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If you want to compare actual optical prints, which lets film look much better than simply scanning it, ISO 100 film is much better than even a digital Leica M8.The more you enlarge a negative, the more grain there will be.

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How to Get Into Film Photography on a Tight Budget Many photographers out there who have grown up on digital cameras want to try film photography, but are reluctant to do so because of the cost of buying a camera and getting film developed.

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Or just have a disposable camera, an old roll of Kodak, Fujifilm, or other.In other words, the assumption was that the 35 mm C of C size was known and the question was how to convert that to a size for medium format film.

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At higher spatial frequencies, the response is less, until at some upper limit.Digital advocates expound upon the superiority of their technology, but what is the best we can do.Count your pixels then tell us how many you found in each enlargement.Film Scanning - Common Film Types If you need your negatives or positives scanned and digitally archived, we offer several output resolution options for you to.

What is the maximum enlargement size of a photo from a 35mm negative or slide.

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The unit has a built-in Transparency Unit which allows scanning of four 35mm mounted slides, or 12 negatives.Find best value and selection for your Kodak Max 35mm 400 ISO 24 Exposure Unopened search on eBay.

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It is the quantification of the degree to which two lines next.

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This is because the film can be on a core, on a reel, or nothing at all - that joyful occasion when you open a can and see that the film is just rolled tightly.

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Film is typically small, requiring more scan resolution for more pixels for more print enlargement.